Count Me In

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One of the criticisms of the 4-day week I am proposing is;

“That would never work for my workplace!”

This is a conversation about productivity and hours in the office. There is plenty of research that shows we are not as productive in the workplace as we should be. It is complex as to why this is so.

I believe that, “life happens” and this impacts on what work gets done. I want to provide my staff with more time or flexibility to manage their personal and family lives and create more focus on productivity when they are at work.

What we are looking at as a team and my pact with my staff is “let’s give it a go”.

So, we have started a six-week trial. We are all working towards ensuring we can continue with this after the trial. I’m not even saying it will work, but we are all giving it a good go.

I am very excited about sharing with you what we have found, even just a short time into the process what we have learnt about our own productivity is interesting and has provided wonderful insights into our business and staff motivation.

There must be a broader ‘conversation’ about modern working hours and conditions. The four-day week challenges all sorts of issues, from gender equality in the workplace (opportunities and pay), through to work life balance and productivity.  I challenge every employer in New Zealand to start their own trial, don’t worry about if it will work long term, just give it a go.

So, I challenge you to put your hand up here and say, “Count Me In!” We will display all the employers who have agreed to be part of this movement here on this page.

Go on, “Count Me In”